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Our clients decide to seek individual therapy for a variety of issues at various stages of life.

Individual therapy is for those who have experienced dissatisfaction in their personal lives, who find themselves feeling unhappy, stuck, and are experiencing unproductive symptoms.

Individual therapy can be a time to focus on yourself, your strengths and your areas of growth. During the treatment, you and the therapist will collaborate to create a plan for personal and relational growth, healing, and development. .


Advantages of Individual Therapy are:

  • Heal past wounds and experience emotional wellness
  • Learn communication skills and conflict resolution
    Increase ability to create and nurture lasting relationships
  • Resolve anxiety, depression, and trauma
    Navigate life’s transitions
  • Balance work, social, and family life
  • Learn to cope with chronic and life threatening illness
  • Strengthen and integrate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self, creating a more complete you.
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