What We Offer

These counseling services are for you if you are experiencing stressful symptoms either personally or relationally and you seek improvement in your overall mental health and relationship wellbeing. These are the modalities we offer to assist you with these changes:


Couples therapy

Should you try couples therapy? We can work with you, whatever your status: dating, engaged, just married, married forever, considering divorce, already divorced and coparenting. 


Individual therapy

Our clients experience a variety of hindering symptoms, including but not limited to anxiety, grief, relationship distress. We help you get underneath those symptoms. We get to the roots, access your needs and deploy alternatives.


Premarital Therapy

During the premarital preparation sessions, couples get connected specifically about what kind of relationship they want and learn how to make it happen. You and your partner will learn communication and conflict resolution skills, identify your potential “stuck” dynamic and what drives it, and develop tools to get “unstuck” and get your needs met. 


Perinatal therapy

Are you a new parent, pregnant, or trying to get pregnant? We specialize in the phase of life before, during and after pregnancy. We pay special attention to Maternal Health and the surrounding relationships. 


Questions about which service is right for you? Contact us.